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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Have you ever tried a product that you fell in love with, AND had the chance to talk with the creator or it, and find out that they are a genuinely lovely person as well?  I have had that experience the past couple weeks with Lisa May ECO Hair Care.  


Eco friendly hair care created by internationally known hair and make-up stylist, Lisa May!  These Formaldehyde free, Paraben free, Gluten free hair products are made with natural ingredients, in Clovis, New Mexico.  

From their website:  "Instead of masking scalp and hair issues, Lisa May Eco Hair Care actually resolves them utilizing a gluten free, paraben free, natural Phased System that gently heals the scalp and repairs damaged hair without harsh chemicals, detergents or carcinogens.
The result: Soft, shinny hair with longer lasting color, fewer split ends and increased elasticity ensuing ultimate manageability..."

The day I received my items to review, I had the chance to sit down and chat with Lisa May.  We talked for over an hour!  Within that hour or so, I could see how much of her heart she has put into her products.  She has been working on them for 6 years, to get it just right!  We discussed everything from why they used aluminum bottles, to how best to use the products, and where we both grew up.  

The main point we kept coming back to was use a LOT of water.  I did not fully understand this until I used the products for the first time.  

Lots of water, my first mistake was not using enough water, and expecting it to lather like shampoo I am use to using.  It will lather some, but don't expect a bubble bath on your head.  
Restore scalp and hair pH levels to their balanced, natural state resulting in normal oil, bacteria, and hormone levels.
Normal pH levels encourage scalp and hair health while resolving issues like dandruff, itchy scalp and hair that is too oily or too dry.
This Phase removes debris, unwanted oils, and toxins from the hair shaft, replenishing the shaft with protein, collagen and water.

This feels and smells wonderful!  Again, use a lot of water to rinse, as they do not have chemicals added to the products, these are natural ingredients.  Even knowing all the information, the first time I used the Conditioning Butter I did not get it all rinsed well.  
Repairs breakage and damage to the hair shaft and cuticle caused by color, sun and harsh detergents used in most hair care products.
Utilizing natural sources of moisture, protein and collagen, this Phase strengthens the hair shaft, leaving hair feeling remarkably soft and shiny.
There are three Phase II’s  to choose from, each is designed for everyday use:

  • Light Conditioner – A lightweight  conditioner, for fine, limp hair
  • Conditioning Butter – A  slightly thick condition for medium textured hair
  • Deep Conditioning Butter – A thick conditioner, ideal for curly, thick hair and/or extremely damaged, dry brittle hair.

This step has helped my naturally wavy, but damaged hair, behave!  
Utilizes collagen to build a strength and moisture retaining system within the hair shaft.
This Phase encourages the hair shaft to retain moisture, plumping it and returning the shaft to its natural coil.
This creates more elasticity in the hair which fosters better movement and manageability (this Phase actually makes hair “behave”).

Seals the strength and moisture retaining system (created using previous Phases) into the hair shaft.
By maintaining the hair's natural pH while deodorizing, this Phase makes freshly shampooed hair last longer.
Heat activated finishing spray.  

Creates a moisture barrier in the hair shaft. This barrier defends and protects hair against all heating elements; such as curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons.
This Phase also works to help hold style – helps straighten hair and keep it straight and also encourages and maintains curl.
This product works wonders if used immediately before a straightening and/or curling iron.
Once I got into the habit of using a new product, with all natural ingredients and essential oils, I have fallen in love!  My hair has never felt or smelled better, and I have never been able to get as much wavy curl to my hair without it feeling stiff and plastered with products.  This 5 phase system has lavender oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil and cedarwood oil in them.  I would recommend watching their "How To" videos, they have really helped me understand how to use these products.  Have more questions?  See the FAQ section of the website for a lot of information.  

I had the opportunity to try one of Lisa May's newest line, Smooth Operator, Phase III.  The website is still in the works. This line of products is citrus based, and will help smooth out your hair.  Phase III in the Smooth Operator line is a strengthening serum, used one or two times a week.  This product also has a wonderful natural scent to it.  

The Lisa May ECO Hair Care line is made of natural ingredients, including rice proteins, and their aluminum packaging is recyclable!  Unlike plastic bottles, aluminum can be recycled over and over again.  For more information, check out or stop by if your in Clovis, New Mexico.  

What is even more amazing!!!  Lisa May is giving away a set of products to one of Coffee Matters readers! Come back at Christmas, for our New Years Hoppin Eve event, which starts December 26th!


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