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Monday, 19 March 2012

     Matcha is a finely ground Japanese green tea that has been around for 800 some odd years. For the last decade it has been gaining ground among the new age and health crowds for its health properties. Matcha has ten times more antioxidants than regular green tea and as such should be consumed in moderation at just 1/2 a teaspoon per day.
      The first time I experienced the taste and benefits of green tea was at a tea shop in the local mall. I was showing off to my sister-in-law that I was open to trying new things. The new thing being a Matcha Guava Tea Smoothie. I was instantly hooked but at $5.99 a pop my addiction quickly came to an end.
     A few weeks went by and I was browsing the juice isle for my husband’s juice when I came across a unique juice blend from McCains -- orange, guava, and passion fruit -- I remembered that the tea shop sold Matcha by the tins and immediately began brainstorming my own smoothie recipe which I experimented on my husband and sister-in-law. The end result, in my opinion was a healthier more economical version that became a common fixture to my morning routine for about a year.
    For some reason, when McCains updated their packaging labels they stopped selling the orange, guava, and passion fruit blend. I was beside myself, checking out the juice section of every grocer in town for leftovers. Out of desperation I tried their mango orange blend and ended up throwing it out. I will probably never eat another mango again either.
     Months passed, and while I was able to use my Matcha in other things like rice, banana bread, and French toast, I still longed for my Matcha smoothie with guava and passion fruit in the morning.
     One day while I was perusing the fruit and greenery at my usual grocer when I noticed a new bottled juice section. For kicks I decided to check out the flavors... carrot... beet... Hawaiian... wait. The three main ingredients to the Bolthouse Hawaiian juice are orange, guava, and passion fruit. Score! I filled my cart with three bottles and headed for home to get my Matcha smoothie fix on.
     I do not know why but Matcha, orange, guava, and passion fruit smoothie have become the perfect taste combination for my palate and heaven help me if Bolthouse ever decides to discontinue this potion. I may have to hit the man up for a juicer.

 *** Maureen Wood, who generally goes by Moe or biggirlblue online, has been working from home for the last eight years. She is the Large and Lovely editor at BellaOnline, runs a website for writers, and has a few blogs on plus size fashion. She lives in Eastern Ontario with her husband and their furry clan of trouble makers.


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