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Sunday, 25 March 2012

     The hardest part of the Play Kitchen project had to be creating the sink and faucet.  We went through 3-4 different bowls, containers and such to use for the sink, trying to find the perfect one that went with the project, and fit into the space we had, since there was a drawer under it.  Finally settling on a brownie pan from the dollar store.
Traced the sink base

 Next, drilled holes so the saw blade could get into the desk top, and cut the lines to the best of my ability.  It had been a LONG time since I had used a power tool.
Let the filing begin, because my rough cut did not fit the pan quite yet.  In fact, the saw went back in to cut the hole larger, and with Hubs filing one evening for about 30 minutes, and then the following day myself, and Amanda each filing for about an hour total,our arms were like jello!  But the hole finally fit the brownie pan perfectly!
all of the small chips in the paint are covered
by the edges of the pan!

Next comes the faucet.  I had a vision for the faucet, but it kept changing, even google was not much help.  I did run across one site with an awesome PVC pipe faucet that I loved, but it just did not go with this kitchen.  Lastly I ran across THIS POST, by Ana White, about cutting wood to make a faucet. But seeing as we have all seen my previous wood cutting skills, we went a slightly different route. :)  Yay!  Eventually settling on a mix between 3 posts that I found from others, and the original one I linked to, and created the one for this kitchen.
 Building blocks!!!!!  Yes, Amanda dug through her toy box and found a long block and a bridge block to create the faucet.  I drilled through the bridge, and also into the top of the tall block.  I had planned to screw them together, but the wood began to split even with the smallest screw I could use.  I then decided to use a nail, and counter sink it into the top of the bridge block and use wood glue to keep it secured as well.
Round blocks, every sink needs handles for hot and cold water.  In the photo below, I managed to break a drill bit off into one of the blocks.  :(  Thankfully Amanda had a 3rd block to replace this one.  The hole should be larger than the screw you plan to attach them with.

 Tracing where the  blocks will go.  Then I predrilled pilot holes for the screws that will secure the whole project to the desk, and smaller holes for the hot and cold block screws.
The whole base became yellow, with the faucet (still not dry in the above photo) getting a coat of sparkle.  To attach the Faucet to the Desk top, I put a bit of wood glue on the bottom, then screwed the base into the desk.  Lastly adding the round blocks, making sure not to tighten the screw all the way, so the handles still spin, and can be turned on and off.  :)

For the full project, check our the main post HERE.  


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