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Saturday, 7 April 2012

     I am a coffee lover- I mean just check out my Ode to Mr. Coffee post. But not just any coffee, I like my coffee strong but the taste sweet... cream and sugar with whipped topping please! I was addicted to gourmet coffeehouse coffee for the longest time but hated the price! So I decided to figure out what exactly it was I liked about the coffee I was ordering.
     And it came down to taste and flavor everytime. I don't just drink coffee for the caffeine kick (though that does help when trying to keep up with 3 young kids), but I've realized I just like the taste. I'm actually considering switching to decaf to test my theory... well maybe just 1/2 caff. ;) So I decided to kick the expensive coffee habit and make it to my own taste right at home. I start with a good dark roast that has a nice bold flavor. Then I add in my sugar, vanilla caramel creamer (or caramel macchiato), and whipped topping.
cup of coffee
Sometimes I also do a little caramel drizzle on top, so I really feel like I'm having a fancy gourmet coffee but without the coffeehouse price. Nothing like a good cup of joe!

So how do you like your coffee?

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