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Sunday, 15 April 2012

My love of coffee began very early.  I remember my first cup of coffee distinctly.  It was a Mocha Latte (I guess not totally a regular cup of coffee, but that was my first try) at Starbucks.

And then I was hooked.

My small town opened up this really cute coffee shop that I frequented probably….everyday.  It was called Mocha Joe’s.  I loved that place.  Sadly it is no longer there.   I have many memories connected to that place.

Coffee has gotten me through many a sleepless newborn night, as I am sure many moms can relate.  It helped me through many worried and anxiety filled days.  It gets me going when I think that my body can’t move anymore.  It helps me do my dishes and it helps me pick up the toys.  I am pretty much addicted.

My perfect cup of coffee comes from my Keurig.  Oh how I love my Keurig.  That Keurig has seen many different types of coffee and teas, but my main favorite is the Donut House Regular coffee.  I do indulge in some half and half and sugar also.  Where would I be without my Keurig?  Probably asleep. 

I have my favorite mugs (not too small, not too big, just perfect), mine has a moose on it.  I got it at Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge many years ago.  Everyone has to have a favorite mug.

Nothing too special, but just right for me.

I love to get up, get dressed and have my first morning cup of coffee before my girls wake.  It is that extra time that I like to give myself.  I plop myself in front of the TV and drink my coffee. 

I look forward to this time with my perfect cup every day.
~ Jenny

SippyCupChroniclesJenny is a thirty-something stay at home mom to two little girls that are one and two.  She currently spends her days potty training and chasing after a new walker.  You can read more about her Mom adventure on her blog Sippy CupChronicles.


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