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Friday, 6 April 2012

Have you checked?  
     This week there was a lot of discussion about children's car seats in our home.  Why, you may ask, since we do not have children?  Because I do in-home child care, and because I was talking to a couple of neighbors with kids as well.  One neighbor knew that car seats had expiration dates on them, but she did not know where to find it on the seat, and did not realize that the dates were not further than 10 years from the manufacture date.  The other neighbor did not know that car seats had them at all.
     Not knowing to check these dates, is not unusual.  I have my degree in "babies and toddlers", so knowing this information is very important to me.  With caring for other peoples children, I try to be extra vigilant in checking and double checking car seats, new regulations and researching, but alas I can not keep up with everything.  I wish I could!
     I went and pulled out our spare Infant Car Seat, and checked the date, "Do not use after December 2015". Our infant seat is well within the use by date.  I also checked our toddler (Dec 2013) and our tall booster seat (2014).  I knew the car seats in our home were not expired, not in car accidents, and in good condition, but when we began looking at the car seats that were currently being used some of those seats were not in the same condition.

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