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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Coffee, oh coffee! How you make my mornings bright,
you replenish all my energy after a somewhat sleepness night.
There is nothing more alluring,
then the smell of fresh beans roasting...
there is nothing more delicious,
believe me I'm not boasting!
Coffee, oh coffee! Shall I have a latte on skim?
Or shall I have a cappuccino
with powdered chocolate round the rim?
Should I try an affogato, a flat white or maybe two?
There is nothing, simply nothing
that can beat the taste of you.
Coffee, oh coffee! I don't mind in which form you are are,
whether fresh brewed at a cafe, or instant from a jar!
It makes not a scrap of difference,
for a lover such as me,
I'd prefer coffee anyday, or perhaps a hot cup of tea!
Both contain caffein, so I really don't mind...
As long as I have that hot cup in my hands
I can switch off and unwind.

     You know, my husband never liked coffee until he met me! I am a bit of a the best possible way of course! I'd drink it on my own then one day out of the blue he says 'Let's go into town and get coffees' and that was it! The addiction just clicked on one day and now we're both coffee-lovers! I seem to have converted him over *insert evil laugh*
     Having worked in a coffee shop before I moved from a coastal town to the country, I pretty much relied on coffee to get me through the was such a busy environment though that I barely got a moment to finish my cup of joe before I was run off my feet again! It was then that I was first introduced to the Piccolo Latte. One standard shot of coffee (or I've discovered a double shot fits in aswell...just) in what looks like a 30ml shot glass with the tiniest amount of steamed milk infused into it. Whack in a bit of sugar for extra kick, knock it back and off I went! These days though I like to savour my coffees and having our own espresso machine in our kitchen certainly makes our home life that little bit more blissful. It's lovely to just pop down to our favourite cafe, choose our beans for the week, have them ground to perfection for us and then bringing them home to enjoy whenever we like! I'm usually the one making them though, my husband I think is either a little afraid of the machine or just claims not to be able to make coffee because he likes mine so much...I'm not complaining though!
     And you know what the best thing about coffee is??? The amount of ways you can consume it! Seriously, give me a nice carton of Gourmet coffee ice cream with grand marnier swirled through it (a VERY rare treat when we can afford it), or a packet of chocolate covered coffee beans and I'm in HEAVEN!

Tash is the author at The Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean, a blog full of crafts and fun ideas! "I'm not superwoman, I'm just a girl who writes about her life, the lessons she learns, the new things she discovers and her love of craft, the quirky, the artistic, and the beautiful (as well as the odd, the geeky, the tasty and the cool!)"


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