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Friday, 25 May 2012

     This week has been a bit crazy, like most weeks around our home, but this one involved an unexpected road trip, melting window treatments, splashing wax and silliness!  With Hubs in the field, it could get very dull around the house, but normally I have lots of neighbors around to keep me busy, and friends, sadly one of my closest neighbors traveled back home for a funeral, a terrible reason to make a quick trip home, and it added to the quiet around the house.  At least for a day or two, then life picked back up, as usual!

     Wednesday afternoon, my neighbor called, her family was driving her and her children back from IL to El Paso, when their vehicle broke-down near Tumucari, New Mexico.  She called to see if I could drive her big vehicle and pick them up.  It was 4 pm when their car broke and they were just over 5 hours away.  So what did I do?  

Small part causes big problems
Of course, I hopped in her vehicle and headed out to grab parts for her in-laws car, and then on down the road.  The trip was a bit crazy, simply because I did not have much notice and driving through the middle of no where at night, can be interesting.  This trip turned out to not be boring,  I drove through 50+ mph wind gusts, smoke/ash from a wild fire, I ran over a poor little bunny :(  but I did manage to miss the small child that ran onto the highway while I was driving.  

     I caught up to them at a truck stop, near Tumucari and after her in-laws replaced the broken part with the new one I delivered, we were back on the road headed towards El Paso. The full trip took 12 hours, and we rolled into our parking spot at home, just as the sun was coming up!

     Also this week, my scentsy warmer tipped over fully warmed, spilling wax down my wall, all over my sofa, lamp and lampshade, and the carpet.  Luckily I got all the wax off of everything!  I used a plastic "membership card" to scrape the excess wax off of the wall, and a hair dryer on low with a paper towel to get the last of the residue off of the wall as well.  The hair dryer and toilet paper worked to get the was off of the sofa and carpet also!  I was extatic I got everything cleaned off.  The only sign that it actually happened is the lampshade, now has a lovely bit of pink tint to it.  Also, our AC went out, on the hottest day possible, and the combination of heat inside, and direct sunlight melted our mini-blinds!  All in all, I am glad this week is over, and I am ready for Hubs to be home!  The past 5 weeks of field time has been more than enough sleeping alone time for me, and I am going to be very happy when it is over!  

What did you week throw at you/



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