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Friday, 11 May 2012

     My week has been fairly chaos free.  I have had zero children here this week, which is not typical at all!  Add to that, my neighbor and her 2 littles are away for a family memorial service, which has left my home very quiet.  It would have been too quiet, with Hubs gone as well, but my schedule has been full so I did not notice the quiet as much.
     Book club and volunteering this week has kept me busy, and a good friend has moved back to town this week also.  I have missed her and her little boy, since they moved back home while her husband was deployed, but they are back now and I could not be more excited about that!  Plus it has been fun helping her get settled into their new home.
     I do miss Hubs being home, but keeping up with my people and crazy schedule, the weeks go by faster!
Military Wives:  Protected by more people than
you want to piss off!
     Also today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and I have been tagged in SEVERAL photos on my personal facebook page.  This one pictured above is my favorite of the day!  
What did you do this week?


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