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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Every coffee drinker should be drinking better coffee. It’s really not that hard to make a great cup of java, and contrary to what you may believe, it’s not all about money! There’s no reason you should settle for just an average cup of Joe. Just follow these few easy tips and your morning brew will improve! 

1. Freshness: it does matter

If you shop for new, fresh food, then why would you shop for stale, old coffee? To retain the coffee flavor purchasing unroasted is the best way to go. Because once coffee is roasted, it starts to lose its savory tone within about seven to ten days. If you stick to fresh roast, you have two options; roast your own, or buy from someone that roasts locally.

2. Water: it does matter

Stick to filtered water to avoid any trace of chlorine or sulfurous that comes from your tap water. This containment will weaken the quality and taste of your coffee. Another important factor, that is often overlooked, is the water temperature. It is ideal to have the water at 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit; this is beneficial because at near boiling temperatures water is a much better solvent.

3. Equipment: it does matter

The right coffee maker is important, most coffee drinkers find that drip coffee makers and single serve coffee makers make the best cups of Joe. 

4. Cleanliness: it does matter

Coffee oils will stick to your equipment and over time go sour. It is important to always clean your machine after every use!

5. Filter: it does matter

Most coffee drinkers use paper filters, but paper filters have a tendency to leave bleaches, chlorine and dyes in coffee. If you must go with a paper filter it is best to go with a brown paper filter. But to avoid the impact of paper filters, use a metal mesh filter, you will notice a difference every time!

6. Grind: it does matter

It’s not unusual to see supermarket coffee brands advertising “Good for all Coffee Makers”, but don’t fall for that! It’s simply not true. Choosing the right grind for the right equipment is essential to the perfect cup of brew. For the French press owners, a coarse grind is best. Medium grind is ideal for the automatic drip in your kitchen, and for those percolators, a coarser grind is better.

7. Measurement: it does matter

Most coffee drinkers just put the water into the pot and guesstimate on the amount of coffee to put into the filter. Measuring can make a significant difference in your coffee. Just read the back of your coffee package, it will provide a coffee to water ratio chart. Follow the recommendations and notice the difference! Of course, you will eventually learn what your taste preference will be.

8. Storage: it does matters

It’s not uncommon to find coffee drinkers storing their coffee in the freezer. Unfortunately, this damages the flavor of the coffee. Just store the coffee in an airtight container to combat moisture related flavor loss. 

There is no reason you shouldn't be drinking a great cup of Joe, just by following these few tips. Don’t just settle for an average cup of brew, settle for excellence!
~ Evan

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