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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

     I don't know about the happenings at your house, but around here, Murphy's Law is always front and center!  This past week was no exception to that rule either.       While Hubs was looking for something in the hall closet, he opened the door, and the outer door-nob just fell off the door.  The rest is still fully attached to the door like it should be, just this part of the handle fell off.  I am not even sure how that happens, how does a door-nob just fall off?
     Then bright and early, Monday morning before work, Hubs went out to start the car and the serpentine belt snapped in 2 places.  It was only 4 months old, and showing no wear, so how on earth did it break in 2 places?  Once again, things that are just not supposed to happen, but around here it seems to be the norm.   
Broken 4 month old berpentine belt
Hubs and the neighbor fixing the car
Do you remember the Scentsy wax explosion from a few weeks ago?  (Posted Here)  Does random stuff like this happen around your house?


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