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Sunday, 10 June 2012

     I need to keep a recording or sticky notes, a big neon sign would help, to keep telling myself  "It's not goodbye, its see you later".  Seeing friend/neighbors/coworkers/kindred spirits move away, is one of the hardest parts of Military Life.  It is also the one part I have yet to embrace or at least accept.  I prolong the inevitable, procrastinate on saying see you later until the last possible moment, and then when there is no other time left, I give tear-filled hugs and end up walking away before I "boo-hoo" like a toddler.

Silly Girls!
      The description above is exactly what we did this afternoon, we met some friends on post and I did the crying behind my sunglasses hugs, and walked away first because I knew I was going to burst if I did not walk away right then.  It's not the same, even with facebook and txt messages, but I will take all the "see you later's" because that means we have some wonderful people in our lives!

Miss you guys already!  Drive safe and we will see you later :)


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