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Friday, 1 June 2012

     If you have been a follower of my Facebook Page for a while, then you are probabily already aware of the fact that Hubs has decided to finish out his current enlistment with the Army, and not reenlist.  After the last 9.5 years as an active duty Infantryman, 6 of those in Alaska, 28 months deployed overseas, a Purple Heart, and more aches and pains than a 28 year old should ever have he is ready for a change. This life change is huge, I have only known Hubs while he has been active duty so making the switch to a reserve/guard component and a civilian job will be a big change for us.  In fact, it has taken a lot of time for me to even wrap my brain around the idea.  

     We currently have a short term plan, but where our family will land and begin a new life is currently an unknown.  I think this is the hardest part for me to handle, the unknown, I like planning and am a bit of a control nut, plus I am terrible with accepting change.  I am really trying my best to look forward to our future with open eyes, and excitement at the new possibilities rather than fear.  

     I know that God is with us in all of these choices we are making, and that as long as we stick together and move forward as a family we will be fine.  Home is where Hubs is, and wherever that may be, I will be there with him.  


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