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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Moving Tip #2
     Confession:  I am a fantastic procrastinator.  In fact, it might be the thing I do best, :)  or maybe I would just really like to believe it is a talent.  Either way, I do a fair share of procrastinating.  
      When it comes time to move, though, procrastinating on little projects is a problem.  The small coffee stain on the arm of your favorite morning chair?  Not that hard to remove, unless you wait until it has been sitting in a hot truck for the past 4-6 weeks driving across the country, then that simple spot may just be impossible to remove. You may ask why I used that example, unless you know me well or have been following my blog for sometime, then you know that clumsiness is my second best "talent".  In our last move, I failed to notice/put off fixing a small coffee spot on a rug, that rug 3 years later still has a coffee stain.  I could not compete with the set stain due to the heat.  
     This move will be different, I will complete my projects before things are packed.  Which projects you may ask?

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