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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

     The big move is coming up, a new place to live, and if your a military family more than likely a new city/state/base to explore.  It is exciting and it is easy to think about all the new coming up in the near future and forget about what needs to be done now.  Which brings me to Move Tip #3: Fix & Repair.  
     Before the boxes come out, and the news paper, or before you schedule the movers to arrive, take a look around your home/apartment/townhouse.  What repairs have you been putting off?  Did you forget the garbage disposal makes a funny noise?  If you can, call maintenance and get them to come repair what they can.  If you don't have that option, take care of what you can yourself.
     Once everything is packed up, you will see plenty of items that need fixed, so it is best to start now and get the obvious items out of the way.  What repairs am I up to?  Well, today I started by putting back up the mirror that "fell" off our bedroom door.  
     I am not sure how it happened, I was working on lunch one day, our neighbor was over and there were 4 kids in the house.  Next thing I hear, "Sorry Deshi!!!" followed by running feet and giggles. 

How does this happen?

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