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Thursday, 21 June 2012

     November 2010, I had a plan, which most of you know usually means a craft project that is going to explode all over the house.  This plan consisted of 3 puzzles, that I was going to put together and hang as art work around Christmas time, to replace some more spring type wall decor.  The puzzles were all 3 different sizes, 2 similar scenes for one wall, and a smaller one that was still snowy for another wall.  
     Puzzle 1 and 2 were completely different sizes, but both had 500 pieces and went together in a couple of days.  Puzzle #3..... had 1,000 pieces, a fun fact I did not notice until I had it open, and it was larger than the other 2 puzzles as well.  I was on my way to getting the puzzle half way complete, when I got distracted.  
     Puzzle #3 sat taped between 2 white boards for 18 months unfinished, until I realized we were moving this year and I had to finish this or I would loose a million pieces!
Puzzle in progress
     My neighbor Amanda, hard at work helping me finish the puzzle.  Without her help, I don't think I would have ever finished the puzzle!  I am lucky to have someone like her next door, plus we finished the puzzle and only had 1 missing piece.  Not bad for a puzzle, which sat out for 18 months.  

Puzzle is complete, and only missing 1 piece! 

Saving the puzzle with Mod Podge

     I covered the front side of the puzzle with a thin coat of Mod Podge, and let it dry completely before picking up the puzzle and coating the back side with a good 2 coats and let them dry completely as well.  The back side takes longer with 2 coats, but this insures it will not fall apart when you frame, and hang the puzzle for all to see!  
Framed Puzzles
     The puzzles are in inexpensive poster frames, that were easy to find at the local discount store.  I am really looking forward to getting these up on the walls, this next Christmas.  


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