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Monday, 30 July 2012

blankZ No-Bully creative design
blankZ Toys are a fun - creative - sustainable toy that your child gets to design over and over again!
     Each blankZ comes with 5 washable markers, so children can create and decorate their animal, and when they are bored with the design, they can wash and start over.  Yes, I did say WASH it!  blankZ and completely washable, and the markers come off so your child can redraw it over and over again!
     blankZ debuted at the NY International Toy Fair this year, with 7 different styles.  I had the opportunity to review the blankZ No Bully (bull) over the past few days.  As you can see in the photo, our neighbor had a great time coloring her new friend, and it kept her busy for longer than I had expected.  We have washed No Bully once and it came out of the laundry white and ready to color again, and the other items in the laundry did not absorb the color either (I would still recommend washing alone).  My overall opinion is that blankZ are a fun and easy to use for a wide range of children.

Blankz Giveaway

     For more information or to purchase a blankZ of your own see their : Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. And also be sure to come back August 1st for a chance to WIN!

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