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Thursday, 5 July 2012

     This week Hubs and I went to dinner at the Transmountain Great American Land & Cattle Co.  As the name sounds, it is a steak restaurant just across the street from Cohen Stadium.   

     Hubs was very excited about dinner, he is a steak lover!  I enjoy the rustic decor, with the wood ceiling, antler chandeliers, and horse shoes reminds me so much of my Uncle Bob's home and the feeling I get when I am home.  Even with a completely full restaurant, I did not feel rushed to finish, nor did I feel ignored by our waitress.  

Top Sirloin Steak Meal.  2lbs of steak!

Cheese Lovers Steakburger Meal
     I ordered the Cheese Lovers Steakburger Meal, with mushroom (Yum) and steak fries.  My fries were well seasoned and piping hot when they arrived.  My steakburger was cooked exactly how I asked, and was delicious. I wish that all of the burger condiment had come in small tubs like the ketchup, rather than squeeze packet style mayo and mustard.  Just seemed a bit cheap for the price of my meal.  
     Hubs meal, the Top Sirloin which came with a 2 pound steak, baked potato, pineapple slaw, Texas caviar (beans) bread rolls, and sauteed green chilies on the side came out exactly the way he liked it.  Very Rare, or in my opinion still "Mooing."  I did help myself to one of the rolls, which was buttery soft, and felt like it had just came out of the oven.  
     We had a wonderful dinner, and will be back again another night, hopefully next time we have some room to try one of their desserts.  They looked delicious on an adjoining table.  

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