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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Porch photo

Quiet, calm and serene. That is how I would describe mornings on my porch. A perfect time of the day before anyone else is up, before the neighborhood begins to stir. Just me, my dog and my perfect cup of coffee.

I am a single serve coffee kind of girl. Although I do appreciate the coziness of a drip style pot of coffee, I don’t love the time it takes to brew and I definitely choose to avoid the clean- up. Running to our local coffee shop is out of the question not too mention too costly.

To me, single serve is an indulgence I prefer not to live without. I have thirty precious minutes to my-self; I need to make the most of them. I choose to use this time to enjoy a simple pleasure just for me. I like to have my freshly brewed coffee in my favorite mug and headed to the porch as quickly as I can! Sometimes I wish I could blink my eyes and it would be ready and waiting for me to enjoy.

With my Keurig brewer all of this is possible- well… not the eye blinking part but, close! She (yes it is a she) has become a trusted friend, always there for me, always ready to please. I enjoy trying different flavors and roasts to find new favorites. Although, I am slightly addicted to, the best K-cup ever, Golden French Toast. This is a light roast coffee which I am usually am not a fan of but, this one manages a full body, with the comforting flavors (and sensational aromas) of warm, buttered French toast. I have begged Green Mountain to carry this year round; they have still chosen to offer it as a seasonal coffee available in the late winter months. Oh well, guess I just have to stock up!

It may be cliché but, it truly IS the simple things in life. So many of us forget that pampering ourselves does not have to be glamorous or expensive. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. Sometimes all that it takes is thirty minutes, a peaceful back porch and great cup of coffee.


April runs a six person household while blogging at and handling internet marketing for She hopes to bring simple pleasures and small indulgences back into our lives through single serve coffee and great drink recipes!

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