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Friday, 13 July 2012

     Blue Star Families is partnering again this summer with the National Endowment of the Arts to bring Military Families the Blue Star Museum experience.  Blue Star Museums is off and running this summer, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, military families now have access to 1,800 Art Exhibits, Science Centers, and Amazing Museums all over the nation.  Free of Charge! For more information or to find out what art & museum centers in your area are participating please see the Blue Star Family Website.
     This summer we are planning to see several of these in our neighborhood, starting with LYNX Exhibits here in El Paso, Texas.  Hubs and I joined our friends and their children at the Lynx Exhibits this past weekend, which none of us had ever been to.

LYNX Exhibits - El Paso, Texas

The beginning of Lynx Exhibits begins with an incredible movie, with a seating system that moves to make you feel like you are in the movie.  We were with a 2 year old who kept saying, "Deshi, we swimmin' with the dolphins!".  That part of the exhibit alone was worth the original entry cost of $2.  

     Hubs and the other guys had a lot of fun seeing who could make the light bulbs turn on faster/brighter etc.  with their manly power.   The idea of this part of the exhibit, is to show how much work would go into making a single light bulb run, on manual labor.  

Lynx Exhibit Energy Consumption
     In this area, you can choose the blocks labeled for each item in your home to see how much energy is used on a typical day.

1,400 sqft maze!


Finding our way through the maze, by answering the different questions correctly, I wish I could say I sailed right through, but I actually took several wrong turns! Did you know that a child uses around 8,000 disposable diapers before they are potty trained? My guess was wayyyyyyyy off!

About LYNX exhibits: Lynx Exhibits is a locally owned museum offering an exciting traveling exhibits to the El Paso community and its surrounding neighbors. We know you will find our exhibits intriguing, fun, educational and entertaining.

We strive to bring first-class exhibits to the citizens of our area that reflect our culture, our heritage and our diversity. Expect to find offerings that are exciting, different and challenging.

With 16,000 feet under development, Lynx Exhibits offers an exciting new venue for special events and exhibitions.

Adventure Quest: Save The Planet!

Summer Exhibit: June 16 – September 9, 2012

This interactive and hands-on exhibit sends visitors on a quest to save our Earth. Learn about conservation of energy, water and endangered species. Learn about energy—what it is, where it comes from, and why it is important to use it wisely. See threatened animal species up close and personal! Discover how simple actions can make a big difference for the planet! Have fun, play and:
  • Explore alternative energy like solar, hydro-power and wind by cranking a turbine by hand 
  • Wind your way through our 1400 sq. ft. maze 
  • Find ways to save with light bulbs, recycling and electricity at the Kill-A-Watt wall 
  • Enjoy our play area of re-purposed materials 
  • Discover endangered and threatened animals in our live-animal Conservation Zoo 
  • Take an exciting ride on our 25-seat motion simulator 
  • Plus more than a dozen additional hands-on displays, games and intriguing activities… 
     We had a fun time with our friends at Lynx Exhibits, and fully intend on seeing more of El Paso's museums this summer with Blue Star Family Museums!

     This post is not paid, or sponsored in anyway, it is organic in nature and the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  


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