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Monday, 9 July 2012

Troops from the Troops: Baby Bear

Teddys from the Troops is a business that is working on making it easier for family members to be separated from their military loved ones. They use the military members uniform to create one of a kind bears and elephants for loved ones to cuddle with while they are away. Teddys from the Troops is ran by an amazing Military Spouse and US Army Veteran who is using her passion to help others.

     Teddys from the Troops has five sizes of bears to choose from and has recently introduced their Elly the Elephant! The bears range in sizes from the 7inch "Baby Bear" to the 44inch "Papa Bear"! All of the items are able to be customized with different fabric options and embroidery added as well.

     For my review, I received a "Baby Bear". Which has been a huge hit around the house. We have a lot of children in and out of our home and most of them are military kids, who can relate to the uniform on the bear and with the company's mission of helping families with separation.

     I love that they can be made with your loved ones uniform! I believe this makes the cuddly, even more special because someone you loved has worn part of this bear. My Baby Bear has been chewed on, shut in the toy box, used as a landing place after jumping off the foot stool, and still looks great. (Photos taken after everything) After enduring a couple weeks around our home, I can say with confidence that this handmade bear was constructed well, and made with care/love.

Teddys from the Troops: Elly the Elephant 

     To learn more about Teddys from the Troops, or to find out about their Deployment Discount and FRG (Spouse Organization) fundraising Ideas, see their Website or Facebook page!


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