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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Travalo Perfume Atomizers

     The Easy Refill Fragrance Spray Have you ever wished you could have a quick freshen up when you're out and about? Carrying a big glass perfume or aftershave bottle is inconvenient, heavy and can be dangerous if it fallsand shatters. Travalo is a refillable atomizer bottle with a difference. Its patented easy fill system allows you to refill in seconds with a simple repeat pump action. Travalo makes it easy and convenient to have your scent with you any time, anywhere.

  • Features a clear window to gauge level of perfume
  • Works with removable nozzle bottles
  • Available in perfect pink, hot pink, gold and silver
  • Spill-free refill style, NO FUNNELS!
  • Holds 65 sprays 
  • Airplane Approved
  • No glass parts
  • 98% recyclable
     Now you can get a Travalo perfume atomizer for 50% off!  Simply use the code below to receive your discount, on their Website.  

    Code: ARMY50


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