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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Travalo Elite
     Have you ever wanted to take your favorite perfume with you on a vacation or have a bit with you during the day without taking the entire big bottle?  I know that when we travel I like to carry some perfume with me, but taking entire bottles can be bulky and on an airplane large bottles are not even an option.  Now there is another choice!  
     The Travalo refillable travel sized perfume atomizer, is a product that makes it possible for everyone to take a small (65 sprays) amount of perfume with them while traveling, or to carry in a purse on a daily basis, it is even airline approved.  I wish I had known about this product on our last PCS from Alaska to Texas, that is a long-full day of switching flights and having a bit of perfume would have helped me to feel like I did not smell like I had been traveling all day. 

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