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Monday, 13 August 2012

    Beauty Box five delivers 4-5 beauty samples each month, 
in their beauty box, to your door!  

Beauty Box Five

   This month I received:
Bodyography foundation primer in clear
Psssssst Instant Dry Shampoo
Makeup Geek eye shadow 
Everyday Minerals eye shadow 
Freeman Dead Sea Mineral Mask x 2

     My thoughts: First 2 things I noticed were the eye shadows!  One was a lovely neutral color, the other more of a pale peach.  Even though they are made by 2 separate companies the colors look great together!  I only wish I had the the holder for the Makeup Geek eye shadow since it is a refill, but it works just fine without the holder.  
     So don't tell Hubs I told you, but he used the Freeman Mineral Mask.  He really is a good sport about things!  I had him try it because I have very sensitive skin, so I tested a small bit behind my ear, while he tried it out.  Hubs thinks "it feels girly", I think it has a great smell.  I am pleased to say that I had no reaction to it, and will be trying the 2nd sample later this week.  
     I am still undecided about the Psssssst instant dry shampoo, but I like the Bodyography foundation primer, the feel of this primer is lovely.  It is nearly impossible to get a foundation to stay on, here at Ft Bliss, in the summer time.  Foundation simply seems to melt away, and I felt that while I had the primer on my foundation lasted through an entire event!  

     Overall, I think Beauty Box five has a good service, and I liked the products!  

Find out how to get next months box check out their website, facebook, or twitter pages!  


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