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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How to remove the freezer funk smell
     Do you ever get that funky smell to your freezer/fridge?  Even when you can not find the source, nothing has gone bad and unnoticed etc?  Recently we had this problem, in a BIG way.  I could not even make ice in the freezer because the ice tasted like this "freezer funk", and Hubs could not smell it at all.  I resorted to asking a neighbor to come smell my freezer, just to make sure I was not completely loosing my mind.  (Don't I have some really wonderful neighbors!)  She agreed, there was a funk!  Once I knew there was a smell that was not just me, but other people could notice as well, I knew it had to go and FAST!

     I turned to my mom, because well-she's Mama Rosie and has a million answers.  Even as an adult, my friends (and Hubs) still call my Mom, Mama Rosie.  She is also a property manager to over 80 homes, so she has smelled her share of "freezer funk".  Her suggestions:

  • Scrub, Scrub, Scrub every single surface even if it does not "look dirty" with a mixture of hot water, dish soap, and a few tablespoons of baking soda.  
  • If the smell persists after scrubbing, it is a lingering scent and newspaper will take care of it.  Squish up the news paper, not print ads or inserts, like you would packing material.  Put them in the freezer/fridge where the smells are the strongest but allow room for air movement.  Then wait.... and wait a bit more.  
  • If the newspaper begins to take on the "freezer funk" smell, remove the old papers and add new ones.  2 rounds can absorb the most stubborn of odors.  
  • Lastly, after the unpleasant odor is gone, sometimes it is hard to forget that smell, so replacing it with a friendly scent helps our noses adjust.  Take a cotton ball, or makeup applicator and put a few drops of vanilla extract and wipe down the sides of the freezer.  This will help to forget the freezer funk!  
     I never did find the source of our freezer funk, there was nothing surprising in the fridge or freezer so I am guessing it was an accumulation of everything, that or my freezer just enjoys tormenting me.  Either way the funk is GONE! 



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