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Thursday, 2 August 2012

LEADOCRACY:  written by Geoff Smart PhD, who an author with a passion about great leadership. He is the chairman and CEO of ghSMART, a management assessment firm for CEOs. His assessment, feedback, and coaching tools are used around the world. He is also the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Who: The A Method for Hiring, and he has started two nonprofit to help encourage great leaders to grow.  

About the book from the author: 
Do you think your life will get better in the future?
Geoff Smart had some doubts. He saw what you see—how broken government has become. He worried about his career, his family’s future, and our everyday quality of life.
Then one day, Geoff received an unexpected message that changed how he saw the problem.

Geoff was asked to help. His journey took him behind the scenes to work with other private sector leaders who had made the leap into government. What he discovered will surprise you.
Leadocracy will tell you
•    Why great leaders avoid government
•    How the “3 As of Leadership” can help us identify, hire, and become better leaders
•    How we can avoid nonleader candidates like the Turtle, Bureaucrat, Screamer, and Idealist
•    How the adrenaline rush of “flow” can offer leaders from the private sector the adventure of a lifetime
Thomas Paine’s Common Sense painted a vision that inspired a generation and changed the course of human history. The movement of our time is Leadocracy—government by society’s greatest leaders. Leaders like you.

For myself, I thought this book offered an interesting and new look at our government, and how "every day people" could help to make our country even better!  Growing up, I was taught that if there was something I was going to complain about, then I should be willing to stand up and help to fix it, this book reminds me of that lesson I was taught many years ago.  

Don't just take my word for it, you can read for yourself from Amazon, or other book retailers, and possibly your local library (I noticed a copy in our library at Ft. Bliss!). 


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