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Saturday, 25 August 2012

     We are challenging ourselves to go Two Weeks Without TV.  This started out as an experiment to see if we could break some of our mindless watching, and has turned into a lot more.  Until we unplugged from our television, I did not fully realize how much time we spent watching it.
     The past 7 days have been interesting.  Hubs hooked up speakers in the living room so I could listen to music during the day, because without the TV on sometimes the silence was deafening.  The house is getting a lot more organized because I now have HOURS in my day that were filled with television, most of which was mindless watching.
     We are also back to eating dinner at the kitchen table, and talking about our days.  Well ok, I do most of the talking since Hubs is pretty quiet but without TV distractions he has been a lot more chatty!  Evenings/weekends when he is home have been a lot more productive also.  We have been cleaning together and cooking together which we rarely did before and have even brought back Game Nights.  By the way, I am the current UNO champion in our home.  3 nights of UNO, and I have won every single game!
     I do miss settling in for the night and watching a movie or TV show with Hubs, but I miss it less than I expected to before we started this process.
     Check out Our Family Challenge, and come back next week to see if we made it though both weeks without cheating!


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