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Saturday, 11 August 2012

I love you more than coffee
     Today is our anniversary.  Some days it seems like we got married yesterday, and sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago, but either way I am still glad that I married Hubs! I am glad I did not listen to everyone around me, and their thoughts on when we should get married and how, and we made our choice together and for us it has worked!  

     If you don't know how we met, I will tell you it was not your average dating relationship at all!  In fact Hubs proposed before we met.  Yes, I did just mean every word of that.  If you would like to read our whole story I wrote about it in  this blog post, about a year ago.  

     Happy Anniversary Hubs!  I love you more than coffee, which around here means a whole heck of a lot!  


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