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Sunday, 16 September 2012

     Today I am 31!  Yep, and pretty proud of it.  A few years back turning 29 was hard, I didn't take it well, but this year 31 seems easy.  Why?  No clue!  But that's why life is so interesting.  So, for 31 years I am going to share 31 photos, some old - some new.....all are little glimpses into the randomness of my life until this point.

2 days old!

Always a purple princess :)

Uncle Bob and I

I thought I was cool stuff

Birthday Girl

It was the early 90's....that's the only explination

Grandma almost lost her wig at the falls!

Yes I am driving that car, and yes I was trying to run someone over :) kinda....

I Do....even if the date on the photo is wrong

Hubs at Garden of the Gods

Santa Clause House, North Pole Alaska

Our first place!  

Beautiful Alaska

Texas at Christmas...we wanted snow!

Some things defy explination

The ring that saved Hubs finger 
Promenade at Fort Bliss 2011 Tree Lighting Ceremony

CoffeeHouse Crunch Ice Cream Cake

Coffee for my Birthday


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