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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

EZ-Cup is a refillable cup for your KCup brewers!

From the EZ-Cup website:

  • Use your own coffee in Single Cup Coffee Brewing Machines
  • Extract a better, richer cup of coffee using the Self Tamping Spring
  • It's EX to clean up
  • ECO Friendly Biodegradable filters
  • No coffee grounds in your freshly made cup
  • EX-Cup uses less coffee grounds and can save you up to 80%  
From my experience this is easy to use and the box completely explains how to use the filter with pictures! I like pictures in my instructions!  I love that my first cup, and every one after, has been coffee ground free.  I have used the refillable filters for my Keurig brewer in the past and I love that I can choose my own coffee, but I hated that occasionally I would get a cup with coffee grounds in it.  The EZ-Cup system works more like an actual K-Cup, infact it goes directly into the same spot as a prefilled pod!  No need to take out the holder and replace it.  
     Each EZ-Cup comes with 5 paper filters, each are a one time use, but you can purchase more filters.  They come in packages of 100 and are only $4.99!

     I have been using the EZ-Cup for the past couple weeks and I am so glad I have had the chance to review it.  Its been easy to use, and makes a great cup of coffee in my Keurig Brewer!

Have you tried using a refillable filter for your single serve coffee brewer?


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