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Friday, 14 September 2012

     Picture this: Fort Bliss Army Wives Book Club gets together once a month to discuss the book we have been reading. (Which was, Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill this past month) We meet at the Starbucks on post, and generally talk about life and everything under the sun, including the book we have been reading. Last night was no different, in that we were all there chatting, drinking coffee and generally discussing some craziness when my phone does it's beepy beepness, to tell me I have been tagged in a Facebook status update, on my personal page.
     I look to see what it was, because I am at book club.....and no one here is playing on Facebook so how am I tagged? Turns out, it was our downstairs neighbor. Her status, "This is how I found out the water was back on: I heard a loud splashing sound in the front bathroom instantly Im thinking Oh "Toddler" couldn't you please hit the potty, so I run back there turn on the light and water is coming out of the vent in the ceiling, Thanks "Upstairs Hubs" for the heartattack lol".

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