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Sunday, 2 September 2012

     This past 2 weeks we have been challenging ourselves to live without television.  This has not been an easy.  I did find ways to fill the house with music instead of using the TV as my daytime background noise. Hubs and I spent our evenings playing board games and tackling a few projects that we have been putting off "for the right time".
     There were days when I really wished I could just turn on the television for 30 minutes, and some nights when it would have been so much easier to veg in front of the television than to deal with projects that needed done.  Weekends were the hardest!  Especially when Hubs has had a couple long weekends from work.
     We did learn some new things about each other, which surprised me a lot!  One thing I learned is that I am the reigning champion of UNO in our home!  Every single hand we have played in the past 2 weeks has been won by myself.  On the other hand, Hubs rules at Monopoly.  We also play games like Monopoly differently.  Hubs is super organized, where I am complete chaos.
Hubs money

My pile of chaos money
     It has been an interesting 2 weeks, and we made it 13.5 days without touching the television. I did cave on the final day, and I turned on the TV, but it was for a great cause!  Day 13 was the start of the Nebraska Cornhusker football season!!!!  I am a huge fan of the Huskers and if at all possible, I do not miss games, which is why I gave in and tuned in.
     I am so glad we did this challenge, and I think that it is something we should do once a year to get our of the routine of watching TV.  We are also planning a one day a week "TV Free" day.


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