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Friday, 26 October 2012

     Grounds for Change is a family owned and operated coffee roasting business located in the Pacific Northwest.  They roast 100% Fair Trade, Organic coffee in small batches to ensure that customers receive the freshest coffee possible.
     All of their coffee is Fair Trade Certified by IMO and their Organic Certification meets the high Organic Processor Standards enforced by the United States Federal Government and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. They also aim to sell coffee that is Shade Grown Coffee which helps to ensure a healthy habitat for migratory birds.
    I have been enjoying several of the Grounds for Change coffees over the past two weeks.  I received the 3 pack sampler, each bag is resealable to ensure freshness, and has held some of the most amazing smelling coffee I have had in a very long time!  Rich, earth, and deep flavored I have enjoyed every single cup!
     This past weekend when my Mom and Mr. Ron were visiting, we all were enjoying the Nordic Blend coffee.  Which is wonderful, with a good bold flavor!  Everyone enjoyed this coffee,  I also enjoyed the Equinox Blend, and the French Roast as well.

     Grounds for Change offers a Coffee of the Month club, and even wholesale coffee as well!  I love the idea of knowing that my coffee is Fair Trade Certified, and that the company selling it is working to keep our product great but also keeping the earth healthy for years to come.  That is why I have enjoyed Grounds for Change coffee so much!


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