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Thursday, 25 October 2012

     If you have retired from active duty in the military, you deserve quality insurance at a discounted price. If you are not already saving money on your auto insurance, then it is time to start shopping. Even if you already have a good policy with rates that are somewhat reasonable, it is worth your while to shop around for the best policy premiums at least once a year to ensure you get the discount you deserve.

Get the Most Out Of Your Time in the Service 
      In addition to reduced rates on your auto insurance as a token of appreciate for serving your country, military veterans have another advantage that tends to make their policy premiums somewhat more affordable. According to statistics, men and women on active duty with the military and retired veterans are usually safer drivers. Since retirement comes through the military, you will have a steady income on into your golden years, which is also a major advantage when shopping for auto insurance.
     Whether you are still on active duty or retired from the military, the only way to get the maximum discount on your auto insurance is with a clean driving record. If your record has a few blemishes, take steps to get this in order before you begin comparing insurance quotes.
     If your record was not clean when you got your current insurance policy, you need to shop around again for better rates. Accidents, tickets and other minor infractions come off your driving record in a few years, but insurance companies are not likely to adjust your rates automatically when this happens. Therefore, you may be paying more than you should be.
     Even if you are not spending as much time on the roads as you used to, you still need some type of auto insurance. A lapse in your insurance policy can lead to a number of problems. You may be able to get a rate reduction with a discount for minimal miles, but make sure you keep your policy up to date.

Even More Ways You Can Save
     In addition to the discounts that you will receive as a military veteran, there are additional ways for you to save money on your car insurance, especially as you get older.
 * AARP offers driving classes for seniors to help you learn the important rules of the road. In addition to saving you money on your car insurance, this can also help you stay safe.
 * Insurance premiums are lower for non-smokers. If you are a smoker, quit today to save money on your auto insurance.
 * When purchasing a new car, look for more safety features. The more safety features that you have on your car, the lower your insurance rates will be.
 * Combine your insurance policies, such as homeowners, motorcycle, etc. to save more money on your car insurance policy. Remember, auto insurance for veterans can also mean additional saving for your family members.

 It may or may not be drastic, but when it comes to saving money, every little bit helps. To start seeing how you might save and reap the benefits of veteran's auto insurance, start at the site,


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