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Sunday, 4 November 2012

     Green Mountain French Vanilla Iced Coffee: "This isn’t your every day vanilla. When we developed this lusciously smooth flavor, we were shooting for something sophisticated. More crème brulee than candy. A rich, custardy vanilla that’s deep, exotic, and geared for grownup tastes. Now you can enjoy this richly satisfying flavor as an iced coffee, brewed at the touch of a button." 

     I was not sure about brewing up a KCup made for iced coffee.  I have made plenty of cups of coffee and turned them into a cool iced treat, but I have never tried a KCup made specifically to brew over ice until now.  Hubs and I both enjoy this, which is great because Hubs is not a big coffee drinker. He is more of a tea/chai guy, but he has had several cups of French Vanilla Ice Coffee this past week.  :)  Maybe I can turn him into a coffee guy after all!  

     I found these great KCups at Cross Country Cafe, along with a great selection of other KCups and whole bean coffee!  


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