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Sunday, 18 November 2012

     Did you go on a honeymoon when you got married?  Hubs and I, unfortunately did not.  We simply did not have the time, nor the resources to go on one.  He was leaving and deploying 4 days after we got married but luckily the ladies that I worked with at the time were amazing, and we got to stay in a wonderful Inn in Manitou Springs, Colorado for a couple nights.  We would love to go on a first honeymoon, and with this giveaway from we could have a chance, and so can you!
     “’s Take Us Away Second Honeymoon Contest” invites married participants to take part in a series of four individually-themed contests. All contests will have a theme relating to your relationship. Participants will be asked to complete various tasks via social media, such as submitting a funny photo, creating a video response or pinning pictures on Pinterest, with the hub and origination of each contest being on our Facebook page."
     "Each contest will have a Grand Prize winner. The winning couple for each contest will win a trip to the destination of their choice up to $3,000, that can be used towards airfare, hotel, rental car, dining out, and additional expenses. Winners will also receive a professionally designed photo book for them to showcase their trip, so make sure you take lots of pictures! Participation in all contests is not required. Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize, all participants will receive a $5 voucher, good towards any purchase on, so everybody wins!"

     The first contest is going on RIGHT NOW!  From November 1st-December 6th head on over to their Take Us Away page to enter the Funniest Wedding Photo portion of this giveaway.  One entrant will win a Second Honeymoon!  I entered one of myself making a funny face as I came down the stairs at my Mama's house right before Hubs' and I got married.  Check it out - its posted as Jessi :)

     And remember, after December 6th a whole new giveaway with start with a 2nd chance to win a honeymoon!


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