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Monday, 19 November 2012

     MOVING, PCSing, Heading North.  No matter what you call it, moving disrupts every part of life.  At least for me this week it has.  Monday started off great!  I was on track for the week, eating right and getting some much needed exercise.  Then Wednesday rolled around.  Wednesday was the "smack in the face" I needed to realize that, yes we are moving, and we are moving NOW.  As in, Wednesday morning the movers arrived to pack up our house hold goods (hhg), and I was no where near ready.  I had been prepping and planning but when they showed up it sent me into a bit of a panic and I have not fully recovered yet.  Luckily I did save my Nutrisystem pantry meals from a packing box, that could have been terribly sad if they were packed up.  
     Thursday the HHG went on a truck, along with my willpower.  Thursday night I fell and sprained my ankle on the way into book club, which has not helped the exercising this week at all.  Plus with our HHG gone, the only place to sit is on the floor!  Thank goodness for some awesome neighbors and a couple borrowed chairs.  
     I had Starbucks, I've eaten out twice, and I've had ice cream this week.  All within the right portions...except Sunday night dinner, but still not the right foods I should be eating and I am not getting my exercise since walking is very difficult.  Needless to say, this week has been a true struggle.  This morning we are hitting the road and heading to Colorado for Thanksgiving, Nutrisystem packed in the car because I am not giving up!  
     This past week may have been emotionally rough, and physically draining but that does not mean I am quitting my Nutrisystem Journey.  It only means that next week is a new start, and I am fully committed to getting and staying healthy!  

Weight loss this week: 0
Total Weight loss:  10.5
     While I did not loose this week, I also did not gain.  Which I am choosing to see as a positive step considering the week I have had.  

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