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Monday, 26 November 2012

     I need a redo button, or an undo button for this past week.  Really instead of calling it my Nutrisystem week 5, I should be calling this the un-nutrisystem week.  Lets begin with 1 holiday (Thanksgiving) and then add in a 2000 mile move, driving through mountains in the winter, family and friends from 3 different states, and the fact that we currently do not have an address, which brings this whole week into perspective.  Epic chaos and emotional eating.
     When it came time to order my next shipment (weeks 5-8) of Nutrisystem, I knew that the boxes would arrive right about the time we were moving.  We have a small Mustang so taking a months worth of pantry and frozen items were not exactly an option for this move.  So I had my boxes of food shipped to Hubs' Grandparents house in Montana.  They live about 50 miles away from our new city.
     When we left El Paso I had a few days worth of food from Nutrisystem to keep going through week 4 but since our journey was going to take us into week 5 and our car can only hold so much there were only a few select items I brought with us for this week.  Protein shakes!  They have been a welcome source of my "normal routine" on this journey and have been paramount in keeping me from snacking on candy and sweets on the road.
     At the end of week 5, I am a bit disappointed in myself for not being able to truly follow my Nutrisystem Select Success plan, but the week is over and I cant change the past.  I now have both boxes of Nutrisystem for the rest of the month and I am ready to take on week 6 full force!
     Plus I can now say that I have made it through some of the most stressful times for a Military Family and came out ok on the other side!  We moved, had a family holiday away from our home, our stuff is on a truck somewhere and we currently do not have an address..... and I survived!

Weight loss this week: +2  :(
Total Weight loss:  8.5
    This week I gained 2 pounds.  I am not pleased with it but I know it could have been much worse had I traded my Nutrisystem protein shakes for candy and chips in the car for 3 days.  I am going to learn from this week and when Christmas rolls around I will be more prepared for Holiday events.    

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