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Saturday, 3 November 2012

     Parnevu hair care products come in 2 different categories   T-Tree and Extra Dry.  Both types have products for shampoo/conditioner/growth/strengthening/shine.  I did notice the T-Tree product that I recieved "Growth Creme" smelled a lot like tea tree oil, which I do not mind a bit but Hubs made a comment about it smelling different than my regular hair care products.  I have not noticed a difference in hair growth, but I have only been using this for a week or so.
     I love the Parnevu Leave in Conditioner, for normal hair.  I like the way it made my hair feel after using it. The After Shampoo Conditioner was nice as well.  They both reminded me of other brands I have used but paid more money for a smaller amount that the Parnevu brand!

     I did enjoy on their website, in the Tips or Q&A section all the information on why their products help to improve the condition of your hair, and why.


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