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Thursday, 1 November 2012

     Today I am thankful for my phone, even though it rings around 20 times a day with calls and around 700 txt messages everyday as well.  I love it, because it connects me to my people!  People who are family, by blood or by choice, who live near or far away can all get ahold of me.
     I have always been slightly attached to my phone but when Hubs deployed I became VERY attached to it because it was our only means of contact for over a year.  He had very little internet access so email/facebook was not really a good way of chatting and our phone calls were only around once every 3 weeks so I became very protective of my phone.  I did not want to miss a single call because I never knew when the next one would come.  That protective streak has stayed, even though Hubs has not deployed in the last 3 years.  It goes everywhere with me and I would be lost without it.


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