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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

     Funny story, well kinda funny.  Today I was on the hunt for my bathroom cleaning toothbrush.  I keep it in my bucket of bathroom cleaning supplies, like toilet bowl cleaner.  I could not find it in the bucket, so I checked under the kitchen sink where I found the kitchen cleaning toothbrush but not the bathroom one.  It wasn't in the household bucket with the extra cleaning supplies either. Finally I asked Hubs.  He hands it over, it was on the kitchen counter behind the blender and coffee I am worried.
     I asked why it was on the counter, "Do you know where that thing has been!?!?!".  His response: "I used it to clean the coffee grinder, like you asked".  I nearly died!  I did ask him to clean the grinder....but not with the bathroom cleaning toothbrush!  I may also never ask him to clean anything ever again.
     What does this story have to do with my month of thankfulness?  Well today, because of this funny little moment in our home I am thankful for a sense of humor.  Because, two minutes after the entire incident I wrote a note on the whiteboard.

"Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a coffee grinder without toilet germs.  ~Caffeinated Army Wife".  


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