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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Today I am thankful for "no pack" zones.  Places around the house marked and saved for a later date, rather than having the movers come and take everything. 

Taken the kitchen, if the movers come and pack up EVERYTHING today, Hubs and I would not have any drinking cups, plates or a way to cook anything.  We could eat out for the next few weeks but that gets so expensive.  So we have a picnic set we keep for moving purposes.  Its plates/cups/and reusable plastic utensils that we have used for all our past moves.  1 knife, a small veggie pan, can opener, cookie sheet, and a single serve french press round out the kitchen items.we save behind. 

This makes an empty apartment still livable after our household goods go on a truck.  We have an air mattress, moving pillows, and even a moving blanket that will end up space-bagged in the trunk for use here and our next location.   I make signs for all the "no pack" zones, because when the movers arrive, things get crazy and I cant be in every room all the time. 

Its moving day here, which is why I am so thankful for my no pack spaces.  


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