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Friday, 16 November 2012

     Today I am thankful for the kindness of strangers, and ankle braces.  Strange combo?  Not really, if you have spent any amount of time with me you can probably see where this is going already.  Last night was my final book club meeting here at Fort Bliss.  We are leaving El Paso, Texas on Monday and I was so excited that I got to attend just one more meeting.  I love the book club ladies.  We can sit around and B.S. for hours occasionally getting to the book we read that month.  Anyways, back to what I am thankful for today.
     I was walking along some of the shops at Freedom Crossing (The PX here) minding my own business when my ankle decided to just give out, completely.  Like cracking/popping sounds and this blogger when down without any sense of grace!  Face first, crumbled in front of about 100 people, I am also certain there was flailing I don't remember flailing around but somehow I am certain I did!  My purse went flying into the road. My phone landed 15 feet away, and there I am just crying laying there trying to figure out what the heck just happened.
     Several people rushed over to see if I was okay.  Once I stopped crying and calmed down I was able to get up on the short rock wall and have a seat to catch my bearings once again.  I was a mess, covered in sand/dust and tears.  I was embarrassed   I am a grown woman and there I nearly broke an ankle falling on nothing.  But the ladies that stopped and stayed around were so nice, kept making sure I was okay  and even gathered up all my things!  After I reassured them I was alright, and they had gone inside, I picked up my dignity and hobbled into Starbucks to see everyone.
      I even managed to drive home and hike it up stairs, but when I took off my shoe I knew I had done some damage.  It looked like I had a softball attached to my leg!  Hubs brought out the ankle brace (I kept one out of the moving boxes, hoping to never need it) and I have been wearing it last night and today.  I love that stupid thing, with its velcro/plastic/spandex, because today it helps me feel less broken.  Even though I am hobbling around the house, it is helping take some of the pressure off and that makes me feel so much better.
     That is why today I am thankful for strangers and ankle braces.  What are you thankful for today?


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