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Monday, 19 November 2012

     It is with a heavy heart, and sadness that I am writing this post.  It is late on the 18th, but I am writing for tomorrows day of thankfulness.  Today I am thankful for our Fort Bliss/El Paso Family, our Colorado Family, our Alaska Family, our Nebraska Family, our past and future Montana family.  In the past 10 years, Hubs has lived in 3 different states (soon to be back in Montana where he grew up) and spent nearly 3 years in Iraq.  I have lived in 4 different states and soon to be a 5th in 10 years.
     Each and every time we move we have been lucky enough to meet great friends, who have become family to us.  Hubs' and my Mama will tell you that I collect people, it's true - I really do collect people because once you are in my life you are there for LIFE unless you choose to go.  My friends are my family.
     There is a difference between the family we are born with and the family we collect along the way.  Both are given to us for a reason, at a time when they are needed but they touch us in such different ways.  Some of these family members may only been in our daily lives for a short time like a couple weeks/months, others we are lucky enough to have in our daily lives for years.
     These people bring their own life experiences to ours and they change us, because we learn from each other.  We teach each other.  Sometimes it is silly things we learn, like how to make jello shots in a lemon wedge or a new way to say your name (Deshi = Jessi), sometimes we learn crafty things like how to make your own vinyl letters or the importance of glitter and tiny hats in our lives and sometimes we learn important things like how to be a better friend/person.  Everyone teaches us something.
     The great part is moving and meeting more family members, but with that means we are leaving family members behind.  It is bittersweet. It is heart wrenching.  The leaving changes us forever too.  For myself, leaving is like taking a piece of my heart out and leaving it behind.  It hurts.  It is sad.  It's simply not fair, and yet we are going again.  Leaving behind yet another section of our family today, and I feel like I need a big bandage on my heart.
     I am thankful for all the amazing people who have become our extended family, for all the family members we were born with, and for all the family members who are yet to come into our lives.

What are you thankful for today?


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