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Saturday, 1 December 2012

      I love making Christmas Mice, they are my favorite holiday cookie to make and anyone in the family can help! If you can Dip it, you can create it!   No ovens, or hot pans to handle in this kitchen fun.  My family has been making these for years on our annual Christmas Cookie Day, Gramita showed us these one year and they have been a tradition ever since.  I am not sure where she saw these or if she came up with them herself, my best guess is a magazine.

You will need:
Chocolate Cream Cookies (oreos)
Maraschino Cherries w/ Stems
Slivered Almonds
Melting Chocolate (chocolate chips/almond bark/candy melts etc)
Decorating Gels (Optional)

Start by using a butter knife to remove one side of an Oreo Cookie.  Double Stuffed seem to come apart better for myself but regular ones work too, or Holiday colors

Maraschino Cherries with the stems.  Stems are VERY important because they will become the mouse tails. Drain off the juice and place them on a paper towel to soak up the remaining liquid, wet cherries are hard to get chocolate to stick to.  

Unwrap a bunch of Kisses :)

Dip the cherries into the melted chocolate.  Here we us.ed Candy Melt Wafers

Lay the Chocolate covered cherry sideways on the cookie to make the mouse body and tail, then stick a Kiss to the front while the chocolate is still warm for its head. 

2 slivered almonds create the ears

A bit of decorating gel to give this mouse some eyes, and some mistletoe!

They are just so stinking cute!

The mice replicate fast!  

Hubs always gets creative, there are 2 mice on a cookie he is calling twins.

His tail is sticking straight up!

Christmas Mice with a backdrop

Santa Mouse!

We make these every year and I love making them!  They remind me of being little in Gramitas kitchen being silly, laughing and baking with her.  


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