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Sunday, 2 December 2012

     IMUSA is the #1 Hispanic Housewares Brand!  From pots and pans to espresso makers, they carry a bit of everything you could need for your kitchen.  I have been lucky enough to be spending some quality time with the IMUSA Espresso Set.  This 9 piece stainless steel set comes with 4 espresso cups and 4 saucers, and a stove top espresso brewer.
     When I saw the set online I thought it was beautiful in its simplicity.  It did not seem complicated, fussy or overly loud with a lot of color like some I have seen, which is what caught my attention to it, plus it comes with the cups and saucers for the same price as a lot of other stove top brewers I have seen.  When it arrived, I noticed that it was also very practical.  These cups do not shatter if you drop them as soon as you take them out of the box!  Woohoo!  Or I would be down 1 cup and saucer already.

     Beauty and the brew. A great piece of espresso expression, the gift set from IMUSA comes in gleaming stainless steel for impeccable presentation. Pieces include cups, saucers and a stove top espresso maker that creates a bold, flavorful brew.
Set includes:

  • 4 espresso cups, 4 saucers and a stovetop espresso maker
  • Stainless steel diffuses heat to create the perfect espresso
  • Espresso maker features cool-touch handle and lid knob
  • Simply add coffee to filter, fill with water, boil and enjoy

     While my set did not arrive with instructions on how to use the stove top espresso maker, I googled it, and found the directions with no problem on their website.  Easy to use, pretty and it brews up a wonderful cup of espresso!  I really like this product and hubs has been using it for all kinds of tea too!  (Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but Hubs has been enjoying it as well).  I am going to be so sad when the movers pack it up in the next couple of days, but thankfully I will get to enjoy it again once we get settled in Montana.  

IMUSA Stainless Steel 9 Piece Espresso Set

Disclaimer:  Yep, they gave me this product in order for me to do the review, but the thoughts and opinions are all my own and I share them freely with you.   


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