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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Jackie's Home Cookin

     I love local places to eat, small town diners with a welcome feel are my favorites and Jackie's Home Cookin in Superior, Montana is exactly that - A cute little dinner where the owners and staff make you feel at home. 
      First of all, Jackie's is inside the old school house, the only 2 story brick building on the south side of the river, as far as I could see.  The outside still looks a lot like the school, but the windows tell a different story, one looks into the kitchen and you can see what they are cooking up back there, the others are in the dinning area but also serve as an idea of whats inside.  Between each window sets a sign announcing some of the house favorites like Breakfast Served All Day and their Burgers.  

Jackie's Home Cookin - Superior, Montana
     Each table is set with the cute red and white checker board table cloths that remind me of a picnic with my Grandma and made me feel at home.  Our waitress was super friendly, gave us time to decide on what we were having and made sure to keep a full cup of coffee going for us both!  Fresh coffee!  This coffee had not been sitting in a commercial brewer all day, or on a hot burner, this was fresh coffee.  

Jackie's Breakfast Special
     Jackie's Breakfast Special comes with several options but what was the best was the toast! I LOVE a good piece of toast just like I love a good cup of coffee and this was thick "Texas Toast" style, but fresh and soft bread inside.  I could have had like 8 pieces ( I didn't, but I could have!).

     Overall this was a wonderful time to get together with a new friend, and enjoy a great little local place!  We will be going back!  


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