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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

     Today when we learned that all of our household goods will most likely arrive less than a week before Christmas, I had a small meltdown.  I love Christmas!  My decorations go up as soon as the turkey goes in the fridge, and they stay up till mid January.  Every room gets a small touch or two for the Holidays and I just love it all. 
     Since we could only bring with us the items that fit into our 2-door car, most of the decorations didn't make the cut.  We did being the snowglobes because they have water in them, and if they freeze the water can expand and crack the globe.  (Sadly, we learned this the hard way years ago)
     Today, i just got so sad.  No tree up, no decorations, nothing!  I cried, and Hubs thought up a plan. 

     He took a cardboard box and used safety pins to tuck 2 Army ACU blankies under it, then folded the blankets into themselves and tied them at the top with 550 cord.  It took 2 attempts with 2 different boxes, but it works great!  I love our Christmas Tree!  Its us, and our year completely!  He even took out my snowglobes and set them up with one of our "moving towels" so it looks like snow! 

     Photo 1 is the first attempt!  The rest are the finished product, :)  I love it! 


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