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Monday, 10 December 2012

     What a week this has been!  We are in our new place in Montana, but we still do not have our household goods or regular internet access, which has lead to some intense games of Monopoly and Scrabble between myself and Hubs. Thanks to the free wifi at a local grocery store, I am even able to post this update. It has also called for some creativity with my Nutrisystem meals because we do not have a microwave yet, it is still on a truck at Ft. Bliss!  
     Luckily, most of the Nutrisystem meals come with directions for stove-top heating or in the oven!  I did not even notice this fact until we did not have a microwave and I was thinking of getting creative, but then Hubs pointed it out right on the side!  I am extremely thankful that I did not have to devise my own ways of heating the meals, and the instructions are clearly labeled on the outside of all the foods.  I did discover that I enjoy the Ham and Cheese Omelette more out of the oven than when heated in the microwave, it gets that slightly browned edges just like a good cooked homemade omelette. 
     99% of this week has been all Nutrisystem meals for me!  It is great getting back on track after traveling and Holidays and then family time.  I did have some pizza with Hubs a couple nights ago, but I watched my portions and had 1 slice and it satisfied my "craving" and I was good to go again, staying on track.  

Pounds lost this week:  1
Total loss for 6 weeks: 11.5

     I need to remember to order my 10 pound Nutribear with my next food order!  

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